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Add Fiber To Your Diet—For Good Health — It may not be the first thing most people think about when it comes to looking fit and living healthfully, but dietary fiber can be good for just about every, well, fiber of your being.

How to Find Fiber in the Grocery Store — It may sound like a scientific breakthrough, but something that can help prevent heart disease, obesity and possibly cancer can easily be found in many of the foods already in your grocery store. It’s dietary fiber; certain substances that are not digested by the body.

Fill Up On Fiber For Your Health — Whether you’re looking to gain health or lose weight, the food you’ll want to have more of is the kind that’s full of fiber.

What To Look For On The Label — Making sure you and your family are getting the nutrients you need doesn’t have to be confusing. What may be the best way to figure out if a food is good for you can actually be pretty easy—check out the Nutrition Facts Panel.

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Press Releases

Increased Fiber Intake Beneficial for Reducing Heart Attack Risk After Previous Heart Attack
Increasing your intake of fiber after a heart attack may reduce your risk of a subsequent heart attack, according to a recent study by Li et al. >Read more

Animal Study Shows Possible Mechanism for Fiber’s Role in Reducing Appetite
Researchers find possible mechanism to explain why fiber is associated with reduced appetite, according to a new study by Frost et al. published in Nature Communications. >Read more

Review Finds Increased Fiber Intake Reduces Heart Attacks and Other Cardiovascular Events
A recent review has found that an additional seven grams per day of dietary fiber can lower risk of heart disease by 9%. >Read more

Study in Mice Shows Benefit of Fiber to Reduce Allergic Reactions
Previous studies have shown the benefit of fiber on digestive health, but according to a study published in Nature Medicine, consumption of fiber may also help with reducing inflammation caused by allergic reaction. >Read more

Increased Fiber Intake May Protect Against Risk of Stroke
A study published in Stroke found that people who ate more dietary fiber were less like to have a stroke. >Read more

The Calorie Control Council Responds to Inaccurate Media Reports about Fiber and Satiety
Despite some media reports to the contrary, the findings presented in the study “Fermentable Fibers do not Affect Satiety or Food Intake by Women Who do not Practice Restrained Eating,”1 do not demonstrate that fiber does not lead to the feeling of fullness (also known as satiety). As the study authors noted, “The health benefits of increased fiber consumption are well established…” >Read more

Fiber Does Your Body Good
An apple a day may keep the doctor away but according to a group of Australian researchers, a fiber-rich diet could hold the key to keeping asthma, diabetes and arthritis at bay. Scientists at Sydney’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research say that fiber boosts the immune system so it can better combat inflammatory diseases. >Read more

Fiber-Rich Diet Linked to Longevity
People who consumed higher amounts of fiber, particularly from grains, had a significantly lower risk of dying over a nine-year period compared to those who consumed lower amounts of fiber, according to a new National Institutes of Health study. >Read more